Wild Waterwalker Hot

Wild Waterwalker

Fly Materials

Wing Moose mane.
Tail Moose mane.
Body Dark olive Antron.
Hackle Silver badger.

Tying Instructions

Instructions Notes:  I made up this pattern using the "Waterwalker" style which was
developed to emphasize footprints on the surface.  The badger gives it a wild
look, hence the name.  


Waterwalker style consist of two parachutes, one on each of the splayed
wings, to angle the outside of the hackle below the body. 
Be sure to wrap the far side hackle counter-clockwise and the nearside
hackle clockwise. 
This will allow the final turns to come between the post for a better
tie down. 
It's very difficult to photograph so you will have to use your

Dark olive Antron.

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing: